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Frequently Asked Questions About Valves
Nov 15, 2018

Regulator Valve Why can't a double seal valve be used as a cut valve? Two-seater valve core has the advantage of force balance structure, allowing the pressure difference is large, and its outstanding disadvantage is that two sealing surface can not be good contact at the same time, resulting in large leakage.

If it is artificially and forcibly used to cut off the occasion, it is obviously not effective, and even if many improvements have been made to it (such as double-sealed sleeve valves), it is not advisable.

Why does the regulator valve be easy to oscillate when the A-seater valve is working? For single-core, when the medium is flow open, the valve stability is good, when the medium is closed, the stability of the valve is poor.

Two-seater valve has two valve cores, the lower valve core in the flow closed, the upper valve core in the flow open, so that in the opening of the operation, the flow of closed valve core is easy to cause the vibration of the valve, which is the two-seater valve can not be used for the opening work of the reason.

What direct stroke control valve anti-plugging performance is poor, angular stroke valve anti-plugging performance is good? Straight stroke Valve core is vertical throttling, and the medium is horizontal flow into and out, the valve cavity flow channel is bound to turn upside down, so that the valve flow path becomes quite complex (shape such as inverted s type). In this way, there are many dead zones that provide space for the precipitation of the medium and, in the long run, cause blockages.

Corner stroke Valve Throttling direction is the horizontal direction, media horizontal flow, horizontal outflow, easy to take away the unclean media, while the flow of simple, media precipitation space is also very small, so the angle travel valve anti-plugging performance is good.

Why is the angle stroke valve cut pressure difference is large? The cutting pressure difference of the angle stroke valve is large, because the force generated by the medium on the valve core or valve plate is very small to the torque produced by the rotating shaft, therefore, it can withstand a large pressure difference.