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The application area of the actuator
Nov 15, 2018

Electric actuators are mainly used in the following three major areas

1. Power Plant

Typical applications are:

① Thermal Power Industry applications

Fan valve bezel once inlet wind valve bezel air pre-hot air door bezel flue gas recirculation bypass windshield bezel two times inlet wind door bezel main bellows valve bezel burner adjustment rod burner Swing driver hydraulic putter driver turbine speed flue gas regulator valve vapor regulator valve ball valve and butterfly valve control sliding Door Gate

② Application of Valve actuators in other power industries

Ball valve dust Removal control sprinkler vane turbine speed control control large hydraulic valve gas control valve burner ignition start steam control valve condensate recycling, deoxygenation machine, boiler feed water, overheating controller, reheating thermostat controller, and other related valve applications

2. Process Control For chemical, petrochemical, mold, food, medicine, packaging and other industries of production process control, in accordance with the established logic instructions or computer procedures for valves, knives, pipes, baffles, sliders, platforms, such as accurate positioning, start and stop, open and close, rotation, the use of the system to detect temperature, pressure, flow, size, radiation, brightness, chroma,

Real-time parameters such as roughness and density are adjusted to realize the control of intermittent, continuous and cyclic machining processes.

3. Industrial Automation

For a wide range of aviation, aerospace, military, machinery, metallurgy, mining, transportation, building materials and other aspects of various types of automation equipment and systems of movement points (moving parts) to carry out various forms of regulation and control.

Examples of key applications in process control and industrial automation are as follows:

Application of ① in sulfur ore production

Water injection flow control ball valve and disc valve control

Application of ② potassium carbonate pipeline valve Actuator

Sliding door shunt gate ball valve and butterfly valve ball type Control valve

Application of ③ water treatment valve Actuator

Flow control of acid solution for pressure control of hydraulic flow control pressure regulating valve

Application of valve actuator for ④ limestone/Cement Plant Ball or butterfly valve control treatment of dry cement, gypsum, or liquid air supply and fan adjustment type throttle bezel bypass valve bezel environmental pollution control and dust removal device sliding door in the hopper and storage of raw materials for logistics control Gate control raw materials at the feed port Flow Gas control Valve regulation converter upper burner intake vapor control valve control

Vapor required for the production process

Application of ⑤ in grain processing plant actuator

Gate shunt valve Distributor Material unloading device/heater dust removal isolation bezel airflow control (logistics drying) ball valve and butterfly valve control

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