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Precautions for gear reducers
Nov 15, 2018

Causes of leakage

1. Increased pressure in the tank In the closed reducer, each pair of gears in the meshing friction will emit heat, according to the Boyle Ear Mallor Special Law, with the increase in the operating time, so that the temperature in the deceleration chassis gradually increased, and the size of the deceleration chassis is unchanged, so the pressure in the box increases, the box of lubricating oil through splashing, sprinkled in the inner wall of the reducer

Because the permeability of the oil is relatively strong, under the pressure in the box, which is not tightly sealed, the oil will seep from where.

2, reducer structure design unreasonable caused by oil leakage

such as the design of the reducer does not have a ventilation hood, reducer can not achieve uniform pressure, resulting in more and more pressure in the box, the phenomenon of oil leakage.

3. Excessive amount of refueling

Reducer in the process of operation, the oil pool is very strong agitation, lubricating oil in the machine everywhere splash, if the amount of refueling too much, so that a large number of lubricating oil accumulation in the shaft seal, bonding surface, etc., resulting in leakage.

4, improper maintenance process In the equipment maintenance, due to the combination of dirt removal is not thorough, or improper selection of sealants, seals in the direction of reverse, do not replace seals in a timely manner will also cause oil leakage.