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Application of vibration Device
Nov 15, 2018

A large number of hot-dip galvanizing enterprises apply vibrators in different processes of hot-dip galvanizing production. With regard to the application of vibrators, the Technical Committee's rationalization panel specifically organizes meetings to discuss this topic and makes the following recommendations. The application of vibrator to cause the vibration and swing of the hanger and hanger will trigger the change of the flow mode of the treatment fluid and the zinc liquid. At present, the vibrator is almost all installed between the driving hook and the galvanized hanger (or hanger), or installed on a separate hanger. In general, vibrators are driven by two electric motors, which rotate in the opposite direction synchronously.

This unique setting eliminates lateral vibrations, resulting in only vertical vibrations. Vibrators are not all advantageous, and whether or not to use a vibrator depends on the operating conditions and the type of parts to be plated. In most cases, the application of vibrators can improve the quality of the plating parts and save the cost of rework.

Vibrators can be used in different processes of hot-dip galvanizing processes.

1) pretreatment phase.

The shift of the workpiece out of the liquid groove and the short-time vibration at the end of the drip can ensure more drip flow of the treatment fluid, which can save time and reduce the removal of the treatment fluid.

2) in the zinc bath. Vibration contributes to the floating of zinc ash and workpiece surface-plated residue products in the zinc bath, which may reduce drying time and reduce the thickness of the galvanized layer and improve the quality of the galvanized layer; the inevitable contact points between the workpiece and between the workpiece and the hanger can be minimized by vibration.

3) above the zinc bath.

Vibration is beneficial to the return of zinc liquid on the surface of the workpiece, to avoid the accumulation of zinc on the surface of the workpiece, to prevent the formation of zinc strips or zinc tumors, to avoid the formation of zinc spines due to zinc strips or zinc tumors, to reduce the possibility of bonding between the workpiece and the workpiece, to prevent zinc clogging in some small holes;

4) in the removal of slag. The slag bucket with vibrator is beneficial to the slag, and the vibration of the slag bucket from the zinc bath below the liquid surface and the opening of the bucket after the slag bucket is removed is beneficial to the cleaning of the slag thoroughly and the slag removal.