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Advantages of Actuators
Nov 15, 2018

Actuator enterprises through the application of CRM system, can establish a perfect, efficient, flexible, integrated marketing information platform, to achieve the following goals, and help enterprises in the fierce market competition to obtain advantages:

>1, comprehensive and effective management of customer information resources and market competition information;

>2, the whole process to master the sales of opportunity clues, procurement, sales, contracts, fees, services, care and other details;

>3, a full range of multi-angle customer, sales, Accounts receivable analysis for the decision to provide the basis;

>4, a new service care management ideas throughout the pre-sale, sale, after-sale;

>5, full implementation of collaborative office, information release and sharing, document centralized management

>6, customer relationship management system can enable sales staff convenient and efficient management of customers, detailed recording of customer information, eliminating the hassle of finding traditional notepad every day, the system will remind salespeople every day to do what they should do today, at the same time can easily identify customer types, easy to track important customers, improve work efficiency.

>7, sales staff management system can record sales staff contact business records and event records, detailed records of the whole sales process, convenient for enterprises to master all the information of customers, at the same time leadership can guide the sales process of salespeople at any time, timely adjustment of sales, to facilitate sales.

To achieve the unified management of all sales outlets of sales staff, to facilitate the leadership of staff assessment, while ensuring that customer information will not be lost as a result of employee turnover.

>8, customer service management system can record and track the work of customer service department throughout the process, customer service personnel can realize the transfer and synergy of tasks through the system.

Through the system can enable the customer service departments all over the company to coordinate the task organically, even if the off-site can also accept the task in the shortest possible time and achieve synergy, to achieve the "24 hours of service in place" commitment. The above brief analysis of several typical aspects of Actuator CRM application, for the means of production market or living materials market, systems/equipment/components, finished/roughing products, pharmaceuticals/food/beverages, durable goods/rapid consumables and other manufactured goods, the respective adaptation of the business model and other different strategies and methods are used. If your business belongs to the manufacturing industry, if your business organization (sales, service, marketing) implements CRM management.